Technology package for increasing mungbean (CARDI Chey variety)
14 - March - 2019


In collaboration with KOPIA-Cambodia and Provincial Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries of Takeo, CARDI has conducted Farmer Field Day on technology package for increasing mungbean (CARDI Chey variety) production (TPIMBP) in Trapeang Chork village, Trapeang Kranhung commune, Tramkak district. This event participated by 100 farmers (59 women), CARDI director Dr Ouk Makara, KOPIA-Cambodia director Dr Kim Yong Hwan, PDAFF Director Mr Nhep Srorn, Head and Vice Head of commune and village Leader. Seventy one participated farmers preferred TPIMBP compared to 2០ preferring farmer’s practices. Each Participated farmer received 500 g of CMB1 and CMB3 mungbean seed for growing in the next season.

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