Main Contact Person
02 - December - 2011

Main Contact Person of CARDI
Dr_Ouk_Makara Dr. Ouk Makara
PhD in Plant Breeding, Australia (2002)
H/P: (855-11) 911 165
Dr_Seng_Vang Dr. Seng Vang
Deputy Director
PhD in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, Australia (2001)
H/P: (855-12) 804 181
    Mrs_Sakhan_Sophany Mrs. Sakhan Sophany
Deputy Director
Master of Agricultural Science, Russia (1991)
H/P: (855-12) 886 619
Mr_Som_Bunna Mr. Som Bunna
Head of Agricultural Engineering Division
Master of Agricultural Engineering, Russia (1995) Email:
H/P: (855-77) 556 118
Mr_Keam_Meth Mr. Keam Meth
Head of Administration and Personnel Office
Master of Chemistry, Russia (1994)
H/P: (855-11) 360 267
Mr_Lor_Bunna Mr. Lor Bunna
Head of Agronomy and Farming System Division
Master of Agricultural Science, Australia (2003)
H/P: (855-16) 222 489
Mr_Chhor_Sam_Ol Mr. Chhor Sam Ol
Head of Accounting and Finance Office

Master of Business Administration (Finance), Australia (2006)

H/P: (855-12) 577 168

 Dr_Kay_Sathya Dr. Khay Sathya
Head of Plant Protection Division
Doctor of Agriculture, Republic of Korea (2009)
H/P: (855-17) 391 476
Yadana Mr. Hun Yadana
Head of Planning Collaboration &Business Office
BSc in Agronomy, RUA, Cambodia (1994) &MBus in Management, CSU, Australia (2010)
H/P: (855-12) 976 417

  Dr. Pol Chanthy
Head of Traning and Information Center 
PhD in Entomology, Australia (2012)
(855-93)535 145
Mr_Pao_Sinath Mr. Pao Sinath
Deputy Head of Agricultural Engineering Division

Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Cambodia (1991)
H/P: (855-68) 888 980
Mrs_Thon_Vuthany Mrs. Thun Vathany
Head of Plant Breeding Division
Master of Science in Agronomy, Republic of Korea (2007)
H/P: (855-99) 811 165
Mr_Say_Puthea Mr. Say Puthea
Head of Station Management Office
Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Cambodia (2006)
H/P: (855-12) 229 195
 Mr_Touch_Veasna Mr. Touch Veasna
Assistant to Head of Soil and Water Sciences Division Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Cambodia (2002)
Email: H/P: (855-12) 655 549

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