03 - December - 2011

  1. Project: Assessing land suitability for crop diversification in Cambodia and Australia (ACIAR03). Click here for details
    • ACIAR, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
    • Murdoch University, Western Australia
    • Department of Agriculture, Western Australia
    • Curtin University, Western Australia
    • Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) of Kampong Cham, Battambang and Takeo Provinces
  2. Project: Trends in Productivity and Nutrient Dynamics under Improved Soil Nutrient Management Techniques for Rice in the Rainfed Lowlands of Cambodia (CARF10)
    • Cambodian Agricultural Research Fund (CARF)/ACIAR
    • PDA of Siem Reap Province
  3. Project: Groundwater use to paddy fields in Cambodia
    • National Institute for Rural Engineering, Japan (NIRE)
    • PDA of Siem Reap Province
  4. Project: Ideal fertilizer rates for salt-affected soils in Cambodia
    • Cambodian Agricultural Research Fund (CARF)/ACIAR
    • American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
  5. Project: Cassava response to NPK application on Cambodian siols
    • CIAT
    • PDA of Kampong Cham, Kampong Speu, Kandal and Battambang provinces
  6. Project: Nitrogen management for rainfed rice (CARDI-113)
    • CARF-5
    • RDA:Kampong Cham, Prey Veng, Takeo, Kampot, Sray Rieng
    • DAE, GDA
  7. Project: Optimizing rice yield by enhancing the adoption of improved soil nutrient management technique in rainfed lowlands (CARDI-170)
    • CARF-6
    • PDA: Kampot, Takeo
    • DAE, GDA
  8. Project: Assessing soil properties changes under cassava production (CARDI-132)
    • CARF-6
    • PDA: Battambang, Kampong Cham, Kampong Speu
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