03 - December - 2011

  • Developed chisel ploughs and offset for land preparation
  • Developed tractor back blade and drag buckets for land leveling
  • Developed manual and tractor drawn direct seeder
  • Developed drum seeder
  • Developed rice mechanical thresher IRRI TH-5 model
  • Developed drying-bin aerator dryer and flat-bed dryer
  • Developed hermetic storage
  • Developed herbicide sprayer for small tractor
  • Developed v-notch weir and water pump testing facilities
  • Developd small scale tube wells and tube well water levels monitoring under the affect of Mekong river
  • Identified the effectiveness of drip irrigation with different type mulching on market and unmarketable for chili
  • Identified the effect of different tillages, weed control and mulching and non mulching for non-rice in upland area
  • Identified the appropriate of grain moisture content for harvesting
  • Identified the current practices of crop management for upland farming
  • Identified the appropriate tillage practices for mungbean and soybean in upland area of Kampong Cham and Battambang province (Crop Rotation)
  • Identified the effect of difference of farmer's storage types on germination rate prolong storage peried
  • Identified the performance fruit on quality 15 tomato varieties
  • Identified the performance of chili quality on difference storage types
  • Developed the technical implementation procedure of land leveling
  • Developed the training manual on post-harvest technique
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