03 - December - 2011

RESEARCH COMPONENTS 1. Farm resources and rural livelihood study:
    • Undertake Agro-ecosystem analyses.
    • Investigate perceived requirements and needs of farmer adopters.
    • Analyze social conditions within the farming systems of farmer adopters.
    • Analyze existing farm resources and capability of farmer adopters.
    • Study non-farm job opportunities.
    • Household economics analysis.
2. Technology assessment/evaluation:
    • Evaluate feasibility and suitability of proposed new or recommended technologies.
    • Investigate the effectiveness of research strategies to improve quality of existing technologies and new innovations.
    • Advise on better methodology of transferring suitable technologies.
  • Analysis of gender on professional roles in research and development of the agricultural productions.
  • Investigateof methodologies for collaboration and network development.
  • Impact of participatory research methods on development in agricultural sector.
3. Agricultural market study:
    • Study of marketing agricultural products
    • Study of market availability and accessibility of agricultural production inputs
    • Study of market potential for agricultural products.
    • Economic analysis of new technologies disseminating among farmers.
  • Socio-economic analysis on impact of social capital to solve conflict for water usage groups in different models of irrigation systems in Siem Reap province.
  • Vegetable Marketing and Food Processing in Battambang province.
  • Improvement of production and postharvest management systems in Cambodia and Australia:
    • Supply Chains Survey for Tomatoes
    • Supply Chains Survey for Chili
  • Linking Extension and Research Needs through Information Technologies: Rice Information Technology Development for Improvement Poor Farmer's Livehood in Cambodia.
  • Research Extension Linkage Project.
  • Evaluate the environmental, social and economic impact of rice varieties released by CARDI to farmer in Cambodia.
  • Farming Systems Research for Crop Diversification in Cambodia and australia:
    • Economics of upland crop production in Kampong Cham and Battambang province
    • Extension Methods for Agricultural Production
  • Pre-Post surveys of FARMERS beliefs and practice in Rodent Management Social Agreement for Cooperation in use of Rodent Management.
  • Family Livelihood Improvement Project.
  • Rice cropping systems in Kampong Thom province.
  • Identification of Banana cultural practices, cultivation management, prospective for production improvement and Growers' income.
  • Land suitability for crop diversification in Cambodia
    • Pre-impact survey on "Land suitability for crop diversification in Cambodia"
    • Land capability survey
    • Ground water survey
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