Agronomy & Farming System
02 - December - 2011


To improve the living standards of rural populations in all agro-ecosystems of Cambodia through crop diversification, intensification and integrated farming systems

  • Develop diversified crops and substainable in rice-based farming systems that provided household food and income generation.
  • Develop technology package for increasing crop productivity and integrated farming systems that help farmers to produce enough food, ensure food security and reducing environmental degradation.
  • Maintain and improve agricultural farm sustainability for increasing diversified crop production and rice-based farming systems at farm-scale.
Agronomy and Farming Systems has two sub- division: Agronomy and Farming Systems

Agronomy:Identifying alternative crop and methodology for growing crops Cereal, legumes, vegetable, ornamental, fruit trees and tube plants
  • Determining time of planting and developing planting technique for wide range of crops in relation to specific environmental condition.
  • Developing technology package for crop growth and the production of crops.
  • Evaluating crop type through cropping season, planting pattern, planting density.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the progress of experiments in each section.
Farming Systems:Developing appropriate technologies to support sustainable integrated farming systems
  • Developing integrated household farming systems that suit to specific environmental condition in order to reduce poverty alleviation and conserve better environment.
  • Research study on the sustainability of multiple cropping systems through crop rotation, intercropping and mix intercropping
  •  Study on integrated farming systems between crop production and livestock raising through crop and aquaculture, crop and animal, crop and poultry.
  • Study on household farm budgeting including crop enterprise budget and animal enterprise budget.
  •  Monitoring and evaluating household model farming systems that suit to specific agro ecosystems.
  •  Monitoring and evaluating the progress of experiments in each section.
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