Farmer Participatory in Evaluation of Multi-location Trial on Very Early Maturing Rice
27 - May - 2013

Sunday 19th May, 2013 CARDI’s Director, Deputy Director and Head of Plant Breeding Office conducted a farmer participatory in evaluation (FPE) of 14 very early rice breeding lines tested in multi-location trial (MLT) at 3rd season in Smoung Cheung commune, Kamchay Mear district, Prey Veng. With facilitation by Mr Pin Channa and Mr Hem Setha, agronomy staff of Provincial Agricultural Department, thirty six farmers (14 females) from three villages were participated. Two groups were divided with the first group composed of 22 farmers was asked to evaluated and voted for the best two and also the worst two among the 14 tested lines. The second group involved 10 better experience farmers was asked to do additional detailed evaluation. One tested line (#14) was evaluated the best with 19 famers voted for best line and seven voted for the 2nd best line as it matures within 87 days with good plant type, panicle and grain size; and high yielding. Another line (#12) was evaluated as the 2nd best line. Two lines (#10 and #9) were evaluated as the worst. Similar FPE will be conducted in other locations. Results obtained from FPE will be used with experimental results in order to identify promising line/s to be widely tested under farmer’s management before release.  By Ouk Makara: CSE/2009/005

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