Training Overview
06 - December - 2011

Training Overview

CARDI's mission is to assist the Royal Government of Cambodia achieve its rural development objectives by delivering high quality high value research as well as training and information services. Training plays an important role in delivery of quality research and development outcomes that meet the needs of the Cambodian community.

CARDI has a team of highly qualified scientists and engineers in agriculture and socio economic disciplines and is regarded as the leading centre for agricultural research expertise in Cambodia. It has been engaged in providing training services for many years and has a well designed and resources training facility located at CARDI.

CARDI's Training and Information Program manages all training activities. Resource personnel for training are drawn from CARDI's professional staff, and occasionally are supplemented by individuals from other institutions or organizations external to CARDI. With its links to the international science and agricultural communities, as well as its link to government, CARDI has access to a wide range of expertise and training resources.

Annually the CARDI training program offers 10 to 15 training events, typically attended by over 300 individuals. Much of the training is conducted at CARDI facility although a significant proportion is delivered in the field where trainees can practice and apply their newly acquired knowledge under typical Cambodian conditions.

In-country training includes short-term training courses, workshops, conferences, study tours, on-the-job training. In addition, CARDI training staff work with other CARDI research programs to supervise final year students from Royal University of Agriculture, Kompong Cham National School of Agriculture, Prek Leap National School of Agriculture and other institutions in theses and reporting on agricultural projects.

CARDI offers many opportunities for scientists and students to participate in its research and development programs. Through these opportunities CARDI is developing a team of well-trained and highly motivated scientists engaged in all types of modern agricultural practice engaged in agriculture research, extension, policy formulation and production. These opportunities also provide CARDI a means of strengthening its R&D capacity in critical areas.

CARDI Training to Clients

CARDI offers its training services to all RGC institutions, agricultural extension agencies, farmer communities, international governmental and other organizations, Non-Government Organizations, private sector and agencies responsible for agricultural project development within Cambodia.

The CARDI programs are designed for a range of participants, including senior and junior management levels, and also professional and technical field staff and farming communities. Participants frequently are professional staff undertaking agricultural activity within government including research and development, production, extension, distribution and marketing within the agricultural sector.

CARDI Training Facilities

  • CARDI has excellent conference and dedicated training facilities, including a large library resource.
  • Facilities are computer networked-enabled, and a variety of multi-media are available.


  CARDI offers full residency for course participants from regional centres. CARDI has quality fully-catered dormitory style accommodation in a delightful rural setting. This is available for all courses held at CARDI.
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