03 - December - 2011

  • Discovered the golden apple snail in Cambodia
  • Found that native snails, Pila sp. can be used for biological control of algae
  • Develop a system for identifying pests and recommendations for pest management, provincial pest calendars and pest distribution maps
  • Established the national's arthropod and weed reference collection, containing approximately 300 species of arthropods and more than 60 species of weeds in lowland rice fields in Cambodia
  • Collected and indentified approximately 25 species of arthropods and more than 70 weed species in upland crop fields in Cambodia and established a comprehensive reference collection for upland crops
  • Collected and identified 9 species of rodents found in village and field habitats in six provinces of Cambodia, distributed across the major rice growing areas
  • Promote public awareness of pest problem, pest introduction, pesticide issues, and related subjects
  • Assist the government develop sound policies regarding agricultural pests and pest control
  • Train farmers, technicians and extension agents in the identification and management of pests
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