03 - December - 2011

  • Technology package for increasing rice productivity.
  • Integrated CARDI technology on mungbean growing after wet season rice.
  • Land remodeling for diversified agriculture.
  • Development of model farming at household level
  • Bed configuration and plant density of legume growing after rice
  • Current situation and future potential of cassava in Cambodia
  • Enhancing cassava production and utilization through the Nippon Foundation cassava project in Cambodia
  • Nutrient balances for cassava cultivation in upland areas of Kampong Cham province in Northeast Cambodia.
  • Farmers’ perception on cassava cultivation in Cambodia.
  • Priorities for farming systems research in upland areas of Cambodia: An analysis of farmers’ problems and practices.
  • Effect of rice straw mulching on the establishment and growth of upland crop in Cambodia
  • Farmers’ challenge in improving upland farming systems in Cambodia.
  • Rhizobial inoculation versus nitrogen fertilizer for mung bean peanut and soybean in rainfed upland area of Cambodia.
  • Planting technique for mungbean, soybean, peanut, cowpea, maize and sesame.
  • Chemical fertilizer and crop residues can increase productivity of rice-based cropping systems in Cambodia.
  • Integrated rice-fish culture in Cambodia.
  • Integrated rice-fish culture with rodent pest management.
  • Planting time of sesame and mungbean in dry season of upland areas
  • Technology package of mungbean growing after wet season rice
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